Water Harvesting is one of the cheapest and most efficient renewable energy systems you can possibly fit. There are mainly 2 types of water harvesting Rain and Grey water.

We recommend them in the following way :-

Rain water is best to collect large amounts of water from the guttering of a property and store this in large below of above ground water tanks and pump this to garden taps, outlets and sprinklers to feed any outside water demands. It can be heated if needed as well for outside washing use. Although this can be used to flush toilets we don’t normally recommend this as the water can run out quicker and because this water is classed as clean its best used in the garden (including on food growing allotments)

Grey water is when we divert your bath, basin, showers, and some sink outlets into a smaller storage tank and filter system which can then pump back into toilets via a roof tank for free flushing of all toilets, we have fitted many of these systems to date in properties and campsites around the south. If you imagine having a 300 litre storage tank which will fill every time you have a bath or shower and then pump to each toilet which then can be flushed using the recycled water saving 6 litres per flush. If your on a water meter this will save water supply and sewage rates. If your not on a meter once fitted you can have a meter installed free of charge by your water supplier. Savings for this system are immediate and within 1-2 years of installation you will be saving money and have paid off the installation costs.

We cover all aspects of Water Harvesting installations from small jobs to large overhauls, as our engineer is fully qualified and we are covered buy various insurances and warranty schemes you can be confident that all work will be carried out to the highest standard. we have many positive glowing feedbacks on check-a-trade.

All work includes Installation, Servicing and maintenance and as we are RECC and MCS registered your job will be fully compliant.

We can also offer insurance backed repair and servicing contracts where you can pay monthly and have cover for all appliances and services.

if you want us to price any work for you or wish to speak to us please see the contact us page. some examples of work :-